I think that may finally have done it!

Turns out that you can import one blog via RSS feed into your notes on FB.  Also turns out that I set it up to do so back in Jan and then completely forgot about it.  It wouldn't matter that I had set FB Connect to Never or that I set  LJ Connect to Block Application.  It was coming in through a super secret back door.

Lets see if this re-posts over on FB.

OTOH, given the recent 6 week delay, I won't know for sure until August some time. 

Art Links

Building the web site for Seward Street Studios has been all-consuming. I finished the layout this week and now I'm taking a breather before I start filling it with content. In the meantime, I'm doing some catchup on the rest of my online stuff.

I managed to completely catch up on all of the comments over on DA. And I finally posted the art I did for Capricon 30.

Party Hat Capricious
Barfleet Capricious
Tipsy Capricious
Lampshade Capricious
Passed Out Capricious
Capricon 30 Staff T-Shirt Art

We had a sunny bit last weekend which allowed me to take pics of the new stained glass. I posted 2 new pieces over on Etsy this week. I'm going to try to step up my listings to 2 per week. We'll see how long I can keep that up.

Battle Axe
Gothic Bat

And I have two more new pieces cut, an ankh and a small shield. After this post, I'm going to see if I can get them ground and soldered today.

About to get my hands dirty

I've been quiet the last couple weeks because I've been deeply focused in building a proper web site for Seward Street Studios. I finished the last tweaks on the layout last night. Next step is to start filling it with some basic content, but that's not nearly as intensive as graphics and css.  You can get a sneak peek at the new look over at our Etsy shop.  I replaced the old banner with the new one I used on the web site. Shiny!

As a breather, I'm going to go head outside to poke at the strip of ground cover between us and our neighbors. I'ts getting out of hand. The Hostas on their side spread a foot out into their driveway so they end up driving over it. And the unknown thing on our side has taken over everything, is killing off the hostas and is creeping into our lawn.

A poke around the web and I learn that it's Ground Elder, aka Bishop's Weed, Goutweed, and snow-in-the-mountain. Whatever you want to call it, all the web sites say it's an invasive plant plague and darn near impossible to kill. Even some of the organic bloggers I skimmed say they bend the rules and use toxic chemicals on this plant.

I was going to just trim it back, but I think a more aggressive stance is in order.  I'm thinking I'll put down plastic over everything that isn't hosta or rose bush and mulch on top.   And I will want to have a look at the patch working it's way into our back yard as well. 

It just Snowballs

You try to do one thing, but you end up having to start 3 other things to get that one thing done. In this case, I'm working on the web site.

In order to complete the web site, I need to make a graphic of our logo for the top. I want the logo to be photoshopped from pictures of actual glass.

In order to do that, I need to photograph sheets of glass. But it's been overcast and rainy all weekend. So I need to move up my plans to make a larger photo lightbox thingy.

In order to do that, I have to head out to my local home improvement store and get materials and equipment and then spend an hour or two putting it together.

Fortunately, that is a place I can start.

And the added benefit is that the photo area will be done, I can finally get pics of the new pieces, and I can finally get them uploaded to our Etsy shop.

Hey Chicago-area Crafty Types

Tomorrow night is the next Chicago Craft Racket Meeting! To find out more about the Chicago Craft Mafia here is a link to their web site. To get a feel for what the meetings are like here is a link to my post about the previous meeting.

Below is the text from the email notice so you know where to go and what it's about. See you there!

The Craft Racket, April's Racket--on Wednesday, April 21--is all about using social media to network and promote your business. Facebook vs Twitter: the pros and cons and how to effectively use them. Two current Mafia members will be sharing their experiences. Come with your questions and pick our brains! Your crafty peers are a great source of information, too, so come prepared to mingle. :-)

We hope you’ll join us for an evening of socializing, talking shop, and sharing a snack or two with your fellow crafters at Beans & Bagels on Montrose.

CRAFT RACKET - Spring 2010
Wed. April 21 from 6 to 9 pm
Beans & Bagels
1812 W. Montrose
Chicago IL
(right under the Montrose stop on the Brown Line)
Cost: FREE!

Please RSVP by emailing

Surprise Head Start

This weekend I finished the last of the pieces for the Penguicon Art Show. The next step was to locate and fill out all the paperwork. I went to their site and discovered that Penguicon doesn't have an Art Show.

The next con on my list is Marcon, which is a month later. Looks like I'm now a lot further ahead than I expected.

I guess I'll get these up on our Etsy shop.

Twitter Natter

So it looks like once you reach some kind of critical mass the followers just start rolling in.  You start out with one or two now and then, and figure that's just going to be the pace. Easy enough to keep up with.  But today I had 9.  Of course many of those will be spam accounts, and some will be businesses who hope I follow back out of politeness.  But still.  I'm going to have to look at each one, report the obvious spammers, and then figure out which ones I want to follow back.  Wah.

I know.  Cry me a river, right?  It's not like I didn't voluntarily walk into it.

If you have recently swallowed the Twitter kool-aide and want to follow me too, my personal username is bigblued and the company account is sewardststudios.  I post different things to each.  bigblued is more likely to get comments on lunch and movies and such.  sewardststudios has all the new piece posts and a lot of marketing and design re-tweets.

Touch the cards........

Dear Starbucks

Today on Facebook, you announced your plan to launch 2 new bevearge sizes, the Plenta (128 oz.) and the Micra (2 oz) Being April 1, it was your April Fools joke. But it was a good one, the announcement was well done and the photos are perfect.

I thought I’d play along.

After lunch I stopped in my local Starbucks and proudly requested a Micra Mocha.

They looked at me funny and said “A what?”

“Micra Mocha” I repeated.

They said they didn’t know what that was.

Well, the whole thing was spoiled. They hadn't heard of it.  No-one at Starbucks corporate had thought to let the people in the stores in on the joke. Because of this, they were not able to play along with customers that follow Starbucks on Facebook and Twitter.

So I explained to them about the April Fools announcement and I explained about the new sizes. They thanked me for letting them know.

But in the end, I was disappointed. There was all the setup, but no punch line. It was good, but it could have been even better.

Ah, well. Maybe next year.